AON 15 Preview

Here’s who’s coming up next in Heat 15.

Razer, replica of the famous Robot Wars bot.


Bot Beast 2, he of the large flippper


Wreck Remover, a different model of flipper.


Finally, Li’l Bugger, with his large, protected, heavy-duty spinner.

If I had to put odds on this, I’d make Razer the favorite, with Bugger likely to come in second. The two flippers though are monkey wrenches because if they can disrupt those two enough they could pit them or ring them out. Both Bugger and Razer’s srimechs are pretty good though so they have my votes.

AON2 Continues: Heat 14

Here we are, with a new look for a new day. Here’s Heat 14!

OddSpin was a little out of control, allot like Ripper last season but not nearly as effective. Behind Bars, meanwhile, had the single most useless weapon in AON2 so far. Watch that spinner break: it’s attached with scotch tape I think. Anyway, Heat 15 is next. Look forward to it.

AON2 Still Lives

I’m working on AON 2 again, with episode 6 on YouTube now. As for episode 7, here’s your contestants.



A simple spinner, I don’t know that it’s blade will reach it’s foes, but we’ll see.



This is my favorite for this episode. Low, invertible, and deadly.


Tipper 2

Tipper packs an extendable lifting arm under that chassis, a la Storm 2. It can be tough but it’s in a pretty aggressive bracket.



I don’t have have allot of hope here since it’s arms are so short, but if it can connect it shold do some serious damage.

Royal Screw Up

Ok, I’m really upset right now. I recorded Heat 4, edited it, and even narrated it before I realized I’d already DONE Heat 4. Talk about a set back. Well, back to work.

AON Status Update

No, AON is not dead again. I’ve been putting all my effort into rebuilding, my primary project, so that’s cut in to time I’ve had to work on AON. is priority #1, with AON close behind. That being said, I’m just about done working on’s rebuild (check it out if you have time), so I should have time for AON2 soon. Since the last video, I’ve retextured the arena and found a new, more reliable video grabbing program. The new episodes should look better then the old ones, so look forward to them!

Sprucing up the Arena

Something occurred to me while I was composing AON2 – Episode 4: I need to re-do the arena. At least the skin. The logo has changed, and the texture is frighteningly low-rent. I’ll have a new one by episode 5, I promise.

AON2 Episodes 1 & 2

Check out episodes two and three of AON2 below. Why am I rushing through these two videos? Why do you think?


AON1 Bot List

Just a quick update: You can look under the AON1 menu to see pictures of all of the robots that fought in AON1. Take a quick glance; some return in new and improved forms for AON2! It’s amazing how big the difference is in bot quality from AON1 to 2, huh?